The Trusted Lyre

The layout of the Trusted Lyre is very simple. It uses wooden furniture polished with lime or lemon oils to give them a darker shade, with tables and wine-stands bolted to the floor with decking nails. The bar itself consists of two, twelve-foot lengths of ship decking that have been nailed together in so many places that no amount of human strength could pry it up.

Above the bar is a polished lyre of some quality that has had its strings painted gold to serve as a sign for the tavern, a near worthless copy also hangs above the front door. There are thirteen four-by-four square wooden tables in the main room of the tavern, six chairs around each one. Five more booth-styled tables are bolted to the wall opposite the bar, each one bordered by four-foot benches. A pair of heavy oak wine-stands that hold over a dozen bottles of cheap spirits sit next to the end of the bar (the good stuff is kept in the cellar). There is a brick fireplace on the wall farthest from the front door; it is not lit tonight and seldom is at all except in winter.

There is a door behind the bar that leads to the kitchen and cellar access stairs. The door is never locked, but the barkeep and cook will sometimes set an empty keg in front of the door during busy nights to keep wandering drunks out of his kitchen. The kitchen itself is clayfloored and extremely simple. A brewing pot and iron skillet sit next to a fire-burning stove. Three pieces of cutlery (large knife, small knife and cleaver) hang from hobnail hooks above the stove, and a wooden shelf of spices and other cooking ingredients lines the wall opposite the door. The stone stairs leading down to the cellar are shallow and easily navigable, but end in a small clay-walled room filled with liquor bottles, kegs and casks. It has a few stacks of grain and two meat hooks to hang salted or smoked fare, but has no lighting except what is brought by the person entering.



The Trusted Lyre

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