Tarantia is Conan’s capital and home to his palace and the royal hall, along with many a blue
and golden tower. Its gates are vast and arched and its streets are well lit by bracketed torches. Many of the common people and older citizens still call the city by its old name of Tamar.

Outside the city, the corpses of traitors are left to rot at Traitor’s Common. The Iron Tower is a prison and former keep close to the citadel. It has a secret underground entrance which can be reached from an abandoned watchtower some three streets away. Tarantia is at the centre of a vast plain dotted with woods. The countryside around it is divided into small estates ruled by patricians from their villas. The countryside between Tarantia and the Nemedian border is rich agricultural land with many small villages. It rises in the east to low foothills and high mountains.

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The Black Dragons

The Trusted Lyre


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