Iron Skull Inn

A sprawling inn that is the primary hangout for the Skull-Knockers, a branch of the dangerous Red Butchers. Although it might not seem like the greatest idea at first glance to go willingly into a den of muggers and assassins, between the town crier’s announcements of reduced prices on drinks or the general rumours that the Iron Skull Inn is the best place for gossip and information gathering the characters may want to eventually take the chance.

The inn is a three-story brick building adorned with dozens of roughly hammered and forged skulls of wrought iron decorating much of the inside. It is a seedy place filled with unsavoury types, but it is generally kept safe for customers that are spending coin by the sheer number of deadly men that call the place home.

As you grab the wrought metal jawbones that serve as the building’s door handles and push the heavy wooden doors aside you are welcomed by two dozen or more raised mugs and glasses and a resounding cheer to your joining them.

‘Hey! Get those folk a drink!’ someone shouts.

‘Or three!’ laughs another.

‘Hail,’ Tyrsson, a large man with more scars on his face than whiskers, says from behind the bar with a sneer that might be called his smile, ‘what can I get you?’

Iron Skull Inn

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