Character Creation

Character Creation Checklist:Age of conan

Roll Stats (4d6 in order – Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha – drop lowest die from each roll. Reroll 4d6 x 2, drop lowest roll. May substitute 2 additional rolls for any two of the previously rolled stats.) Record.

Choose Race

Choose Class(es) (2 levels)

Check to see if Race/Class has any adjustments in geography books.

Add BAB, MAR (if any), Saves, Defenses, and PP (if any). Assign Max HP (i.e. assume each die rolled is highest value).

Record Special Abilities, Proficiencies, and Languages (may if need be purchase 1 additional language for 1 skill point to accommodate party communication). Purchase skill ranks.

Choose Feats and assign Combat Maneuvers. Optional – May select two traits (AU, p. 86). May also choose up to two flaws (AU, p. 91) for an additional bonus feat each. May also choose Psychic feats from d20 CoC.

Choose Honor Code if like. Record Sanity (Wis score x 5) and Corruption (if any). Record Reputation. Record Fate Points and Fate goals. Record Action Points (all PC’s start at 6).

Check to insure bonuses include all recorded mods (including synergy).

Assign starting gear package.

Character Creation

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