Hyborian Chronicles

A Beginning

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Our stalwart band of heroes enjoyed an evening at The Trusted Lyre in Tarantia. There they befriended Pallantides and defended the Lyre from a band of incompetent robbers. In return, Pallantides gave each member of the party a sealed scroll inviting them to the Palace within the week.


XP -
Basic Role-playing for portraying their characters well +200 xp each
Befriending Notus +100 xp each
Defeating thugs +300 xp each
Accepting emplyment from Pallantides +200 xp each
Not Fate or Action Points used +100 xp each.

Each player should now have 1,901 xp each (1,001 xp to start plus this session’s awards).

Helmuth earned one Fate point for successfully attaining employment.



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