Hyborian Chronicles

Chance Encounters

Our intrepid adventures split up, Drake tracking the dreaded badger and Razza and Helmuth going onward to Siccas. A day’s travel from their destination, Hemluth and Razza were beset by an Aquilinonian patrol escorting a prisoner, Ret the Cimmerian. Upon Drake’s catching up, the party, now one stronger, fought off the patrol and travelled to the Fordhouse where a barge can later transport them across the River Tyborr to Siccas. There the party discovered that the Bloody Dawn had struck earlier.

XPs for everyone:

Basic role-playing: +200 xp

Dealing successfully with the Aquilonian patrol: +100 xp

Making a Friend of Pertius & Sedge at the Fordhouse: +200 xp

= +500 XP each



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