Hyborian Chronicles

Lions, Guards, and Mages, oh my!!!

Our heroes explored leads and ended an attack on an escaped lion. They then had to defend themselves from multiple guardsmen and went on the lam. Hearing the Southern Gate garrison had been completely wiped out, they returned to the Two-Dragon Brothel by which they used as an access to the garrison where they discovered some kind of ritual had occurred.

Basic Role-playing +300 XP
Defeating the Lion +150 XP
Eluding the guards +250 XP
Total = +700 XP (4,301 XP total for each party member)

The City in Silver

The party made its way into Sicas through the Northern Gate. From there, they were accosted by the various merchants and traders and pickpockets but eventually finding their way into the shop of Pho. They spent an eventful and delightful evening being entertained by the old man and departed refrreshed the following morning.

From there, the party eventuallytravelled to the Iron Skull Inn where they heard multiple rumors and gossip.

Following up on an inebriated patron’s story of a violent incident at the Two-Dragons Brothel, they entered a neighboring stable with multiple dead horses and the brothel itself, complete with dead patrons and staff.

XP (each):

Basic Roleplaying Award for portraying characters well (300 xp)

Sneaking into Sicas without paying Bridge Ward fees (50 xp)

Catching a thief and seeing that justice is done (150 xp)

Making allies within the Red Butchers (100 xp)

Discovering the ‘true price’ for things after being pleasant to Pho the Khitan Oddity Merchant (50 xp)

= +650 XP each (or 3601 XP total each)

Chance Encounters

Our intrepid adventures split up, Drake tracking the dreaded badger and Razza and Helmuth going onward to Siccas. A day’s travel from their destination, Hemluth and Razza were beset by an Aquilinonian patrol escorting a prisoner, Ret the Cimmerian. Upon Drake’s catching up, the party, now one stronger, fought off the patrol and travelled to the Fordhouse where a barge can later transport them across the River Tyborr to Siccas. There the party discovered that the Bloody Dawn had struck earlier.

XPs for everyone:

Basic role-playing: +200 xp

Dealing successfully with the Aquilonian patrol: +100 xp

Making a Friend of Pertius & Sedge at the Fordhouse: +200 xp

= +500 XP each

Journey to Sicas

Our intrepid adventures (i.e. mercenaries) set off for Sicas to to do the bidding of Pallantides. Pallantides needs them to investigate the overt appearance of a Stygian agent who rode into Sicas on the back of a demonic steed.

En route so far, the party defeated a pack of dogs and an inept band of would-be thieves.

XP :

Defeating the dog-pack +150 XP

Wisely circumventing the badger home +150 XP

Defeating the six bandits +300 XP

= +600 XP each

Additonal Awards :

Razza earned 1 Fate Point for obtaining suitable gear and continued opportunity for wealth.

A Beginning
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Our stalwart band of heroes enjoyed an evening at The Trusted Lyre in Tarantia. There they befriended Pallantides and defended the Lyre from a band of incompetent robbers. In return, Pallantides gave each member of the party a sealed scroll inviting them to the Palace within the week.


XP -
Basic Role-playing for portraying their characters well +200 xp each
Befriending Notus +100 xp each
Defeating thugs +300 xp each
Accepting emplyment from Pallantides +200 xp each
Not Fate or Action Points used +100 xp each.

Each player should now have 1,901 xp each (1,001 xp to start plus this session’s awards).

Helmuth earned one Fate point for successfully attaining employment.


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